Free YouTube SEO Tutorial Video

Watch our Free YouTube SEO Tutorial

If you are a new YouTube creator, please watch our free YouTube SEO Tutorial Video. This video will walk you step-by-step through the process of optimizing your videos for YouTube Search. Quickly learn the best practices for having YouTube index your videos and suggest them to potential viewers. We have also created a video on the basics of keyword research using the free Vidiq keyword inspector tool.

There are many different aspects to best optimize your videos. For example, our tutorial helps you better understand creating great titles, descriptions, and video thumbnails. These are the three most important aspects of YouTube SEO. It would be best to create titles that get viewers’ attention and clearly state what topic your video will cover.

The description is essential because this is where you describe the content of your videos to viewers as well as YouTube search. Our Free YouTube SEO tutorial explains what you need to include in your video’s description for proper indexing.

Thumbnails are another vital factor for driving viewers to your videos. There is a lot of competition for viewers on YouTube in just about every niche. The best thumbnails usually get the most clicks from searchers. We also have a tutorial on how to create thumbnails for free!

We also cover several other aspects for properly optimizing your videos in the tutorial. These include adding end screens, cards, and subtitles. The tutorial discusses all of the aspects too. Electric Blue SEO also offers a tutorial on adding end screens, cards, subtitles, and a subscribe button to your videos. EBS wants to share these videos with our clients and other visitors to our site to help get them started on their YouTube journey. YouTube is a competitive platform; you can’t just upload a video and expect viewers. Optimization is the key!

Click Here to Watch the SEO Tutorial on YouTube.

How to Create Thumbnails for Free.

How to Create YouTube End Screens and Cards.

YouTube Keyword Research Tutorial

Keyword research is a crucial aspect of YouTube SEO. Learn how to find high volume, low competition keywords for your video’s title and description. Find the best place to insert these keywords, which is not in the tags section. The keyword research video is easy to follow and can make a huge difference in your SEO with just a basic understanding of research.

Click Here to Watch the Keyword Research Video.

How to Use Hashtags on Videos.

Do Keywords Tags Matter on YouTube Videos Anymore?

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