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Electric Blue SEO is the Premier Charleston Search Engine Optimization specialist. We work with a limited number of SEO clients to ensure the best possible service. Also, we only work with one business from each industry or niche. This way our clients are not competing with one another for rankings!

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Contact Electric Blue SEO to find out if we have an opening in your industry and how we can help increase your website’s rankings on search engines.

Our SEO Services

EBS offers On-Page SEO, web design, keyword research, and content writing service. We would like to have the opportunity to work with your business! Contact Electric Blue SEO today for a free initial SEO consultation and website audit. Call 843.926.2625 to get started.

What is On-Page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO? On-Page Search Engine Optimization means optimizing the content and tags of a website. Optimization allows for the proper indexing of websites by search engines like Google, Bing, and others. A properly optimized website can then be served to searchers looking for your content, product, or service. There are over 200 ranking factors on Google.

On-Page SEO is the cornerstone for any website to rank higher on Google. Most web pages have never been optimized and will rank very low in a Google Search. However, unoptimized pages will never appear on page one of any search engine. Therefore, many web pages that are not optimized will not get found on Google or other search engines.

Only about 20% of searchers ever visit the second page of results. Even fewer searchers go to the third results page. So, ranking on page one of search results is imperative to get searchers to visit your website!

Optimizing a website will increase its rankings and visibility on search engines. Increased rankings and visibility mean more visitors to your website. More searchers clicking on your website can lead to more sales of your products and services. More sales will generate more profits!

The ultimate goal of a business website is to attract visitors looking for your product or service. SEO will help get those searchers to your website. It is vital to rank on the first page of any search engine.

More About Electric Blue SEO’s Services

SEO Charleston

Electric Blue SEO offers a free SEO audit of your website. After auditing a website, we will customize an SEO plan for your website. Next, we will explain what we will do to optimize your website.

Most of our SEO efforts concentrate on getting our client’s websites found on Google because Google has over a 90% share of the worldwide search market. However, it is a fact that Google will handle over 5 billion searches daily.

Search engines crawl, index, and serve websites to searchers in much the same way. Therefore, optimizing a website for Google will also be optimized for other search engines.

Almost 9 out of 10 web pages have never been optimized for Google Search, so many web pages will never appear in the search results.

Website Design

Don’t already have a website? Electric Blue SEO can design a website for you. Every business needs a website, even just a one-page site. EBS can design a website for you and provide search engine optimization too. Contact Electric Blue SEO to find out more about our website design services.

SEO vs. Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns

SEO is not a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. Electric Blue SEO offers a one-time optimization plan, or you can become an SEO client. Becoming an SEO client will allow us to continue to improve your website’s performance. SEO will continue to work for a website even after a one-time optimization. However, a Pay-Per-Click ad campaign will stop working when the ad budget runs out. Also, Pay-Per-Click advertising does not help your search engine rankings.

Although Pay-Per-Click advertising can be effective, we concentrate on growing organic traffic to your website.

Google Business Profiles and Site Audits

Google Business Profile

Electric Blue SEO will also set up your business’s Google Business Profile. A Google Business Profile is known as Local SEO. Business Profiles are another way to drive customers to your business location and website.

We will also analyze your site speed and make recommendations that you or your webmaster can implement on your website. Site speed is one of the top three ranking factors for a website. There are two different speeds to check, mobile and desktop.

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EBS is one of Charleston’s fastest-growing SEO firms. Contact Electric Blue SEO today and find out how we can help your website outperform the competition.

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